Sunday, August 19, 2012

Serious as a Heart Attack

Would you say you have a healthy heart? Could you run a mile? Two? Do you eat the right nutritious foods to keep your heart in good health? The condition of this vital organ to our physical living is critical. The healthier the heart, the longer the life.

So would you say you have a healthy heart emotionally? Spiritually? Do you find yourself eager or exhausted when it comes to time spent with God & others? Abundant in love or Angry? Refreshed or Resentful? Tender or Tense? Though our heart may be physically healthy, emotionally & spiritually... are we healthy or hurting? Maybe we suffer from a emotional/spiritual arrhythmia.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Grace Card

Forgiveness for others = plausible
Forgiveness for yourself = possible
Forgiveness from Him = priceless
"The Grace Card: accepted by most, carried by few, and endorsed by ONE!"

What does it take to forgive someone or yourself after a serious hurt? Does it mean forgetting what was done? How about expecting an apology? Is forgiveness only given after amends have been made? Must you feel forgiveness in order for it to be genuine? Do the same rules apply for forgiving others as they do for forgiving yourself? How about Christ's forgiveness for you?

Sunday, August 5, 2012


The innocent child who was abused and carries anger his entire life, becoming an abuser himself.

The daughter whose parents went through a nasty divorce and now she has to choose a parent to live with.

The young man caught in the tangled web of pornography who shamefully can't look at a woman without lusting after her

The young woman sexually abused who now feels completely and utterly worthless.

What do they all four of these hurt people have in common? They are locked in a prison that only has one key to freedom. Are you ready to turn your key?