Monday, October 15, 2012

Who's Driving?

Let's face it... life can be crazy! Life as a teenager... even crazier! So many decisions to make, so many appearances to keep up, so many people to please. Young life is frantic and exhausting. Yet, we are told to grab the bull by the horns, pull ourselves up by the boot straps, take the wheel and drive! We try our best to be in control. On the outside it may seem like we have it together, but inside we are a train wreck! Are you ready to move out of the driver seat yet? Are you ready to let Jesus take the wheel?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Trust Falling

Have you ever been Sky Diving? If you haven't (or wouldn't!), just imagine with me if you will. The plane ride up, nerves racing and heart pounding, as you ascend into the giant blue sky. Thousands of feet in the air, the door opens and it's your turn to jump. What is racing through your mind? The first step? The fall? The view? The landing? Maybe out of all the thoughts that could race through our mind, the most important should be...
"Who packed my parachute?"

Monday, October 1, 2012

More Than a Higher Power, A Higher Person!

Ideas, Love, Air, Faith...
What do these four things all have in common? The Unseen! Though we have seen the acts of things like ideas, love, air, and faith, to tangibly touch such things are beyond us. Though the acts can seem more real, they are only fleeting. The only true lasting things are the unseen force behind them... Spiritual Realities that bring hope. So ask yourself, when you think of your life are you hopeful?