Monday, November 19, 2012

Prisoner of Unforgiveness

Though institutions are larger than life and you are surrounded by hundreds of people, a prison cell is a very small and lonely place. Left with only your thoughts to keep you company, the pain of unforgiveness can be... well, unforgiving!

I once read in an institutional magazine, "When I was free, I was in prison and when I came to prison I was set free!" I have always remembered that statement because it helped me see that I was imprisoned long before I had ever been placed behind bars.

If you are having a difficult time with forgiveness, if the very thought of it brings pain and loneliness into your heart, let me share my journey of the hardest choice of forgiveness I ever had to offer.

Are you ready to be set free from the prison of Unforgiveness?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick Fix Fail

We have all done it. At times it feels like the appropriate thing to do. Fast thinkers pride themselves on being "quick on the draw" when it comes to them. Yet, sooner than later, the leak is sprung and we are stuck with the crisis of the  
Quick Fix  
We live in a "duct tape" generation where we learn to handle our problems with the quick fix until later. When later finally becomes now, we are swamped with multiple duct taped circumstances all on the verge to blow. If we had taken the time to deal with the circumstances in the first place, we would not be facing the pressure that is about to bust the pipe. Yet, for some of us, duct tape is the only tool we have in our toolbox and so we learn to do the best with what we have. Are you ready to add a few tools to your toolbox?


Monday, November 5, 2012

Confession for the Soul

Confession, they say it cleanses the soul. If so, what is the soul, and just how clean is it at any given moment? We are only as sick as our secrets, for some of us that means we are on the death beds of our souls. Confession... getting honest with God, with ourselves, and with someone we trust. Are you ready to take this step?