Monday, March 25, 2013

Eager or Exhausted?

It's that moment when we just can't take one more minute. We are too tired to spend any time with God, we are not interested in showing love to anyone....especially the one who annoys us the most. It's those moments when serving others is the furthest thing from our minds!

We all have them, it's what we do in the midst of them that determines the course of our actions. Have you felt exhausted emotionally? Has trying to use your LHGH tools caused you frustration? Do you feel as if you have hit an emotional boiling point? You are not alone! So, what do we do?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Undeserved Grace

There is a lot in today's culture that expresses the need to "earn our keep". We have to earn trust, respect, honor, authority, and for most cases... love from other people. No wonder we become so good at putting on the mask and becoming whatever we need to in order to gain the acceptance of others.

For those of us with deep hurts, we have a tendency to ruin the list above. With all of the pain we have received and all of the pain we have dished out we are constantly bombarded with the resounding thunder clap of "You don't deserve...".

With our defenses up, our hands aren't out to receive, but up to resend. Though we don't deserve, we are unable to accept. How are you holding your hands today?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Reaching Out

It's funny how one of the hardest things to do in recovery is ask for help. At times it feels like the phone weighs 500 pounds, people are always trying to "tell me what to do", people are always digging in our business, and  it always seems we are getting pushed into an uncomfortable place.

We need to realize that we cannot do recovery of any hurt, habit or hang-up alone. We need others to spur, encourage, and tell us the truth... even when we don't want to hear it.

When it comes to giving/taking forgiveness, help is crucial. Are you ready to reach out and ask for help in giving and receiving forgiveness? Are you ready to do whatever it takes no matter the result?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Accepting God's Help

Have you ever met that person who thinks they have it all figured out? It's almost as if every topic or conversation they are trying to prove a point that they know what is best... they know what is okay. Ever notice that the more they talk the more the more ridiculous the argument becomes.

Now here is the big question... are you, or have you ever been that person?