Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Next Exit

It's amazing how we have been fooled into thinking it's okay to do things our way. The more we travel that very common road, the more we experience hurt, pain, and sorrow. We say we don't want to feel those things any longer, but refuse to get off the "My Way Highway".

Aren't you tired of the pain yet? Aren't you frustrated that things aren't changing for you the way you'd like? Isn't it time to try a different route? Stop clinging to the path you have always taken and have come to know. It's time to embark on an uncharted adventure! Will you join us?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Truth Hurts Sometimes

Let's face it... the truth hurts sometimes and in recovery it hurts more times than not! Isn't that why we are so steeped in denial? I mean, who likes pain anyway?

The tough part with emotional, mental and spiritual pain is that it is so easy to hide... especially from ourselves. That's why truth and honesty are critical for life recovery.

Are you ready for the hard truth? Are you ready to face it no matter how ugly or painful? If so, you are ready to continue reading...