Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Semester 10 - Week 3 - Powerless

Do you ever wonder why you're so unhappy? Why you feel like you are drowning and choking yet you're not submerged in water? There are so many things in this world that make us feel powerless. Maybe it's the hateful words someone says to us, maybe it's the physical or emotional abuse  we take from the relationship that we are in, maybe it's the sin that we continue to live in. No matter what hurt, habit or hang up you may have in your life there is hope. The Landing is a safe, confidential group that students in middle school and high school are able to come to have restoration in any of their struggles in life. 

Even though we feel powerless in our decisions that we make in life or situations we may be in, we have to come to a moment in time that we are completely powerless to the world in order for Jesus to restore us. We have to get to a place of "rock bottom"

Restoration happens when we are able to get rid of pride, worry, regret and so many other attitudes that we take on when there is pain in out lives. When we become hurt or find ourselves living in a habitual sin, we take on an attitude of pride. We choose to deflect our pain into ways of total destruction to our lives. The things we escape to such as chemical dependencies, cutting, lying, sex and so many more will completely destroy our lives unless we totally surrender to Christ.

You may be thinking that it sounds nice and easy to have our hurt and pain healed, but it's not easy. Dealing with our pain takes hard work and dedication. It takes an unwavering faith that God can and will heal your wounds and guide you into a way of living life reaching holiness. Holiness is not perfection, it's being set apart. Are you set apart?

This week at The Landing we will have Pastor Kyle teaching and showing us more on what it means to be Powerless. As semester 10 is taking off we have already experienced laughing, crying, truth, intimacy with God and fellowship with one another. Come on out to The Landing Thursday nights from 7pm - 9pm and be apart of a group of people who are hurting and real. We strive to learn more each day on how to deal with and heal the hurts, habits and hang ups we have in life.

Written By: Amanda

Semester #10 2015

Every Thursday Night
Please note that we will not meet on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
Dinner (Free) 6pm
Meeting Starts Promptly 7:00pm
Located At:
Freedom Church
455 58th Ave. S.W. 
Vero Beach, FL 32968

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