Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Semester 10 - Week 4

Thanksgiving break is over and We are back! Over our break many of us spent time with friends and family and many of us will return with the same pain as we had over a week ago. If you still have the pain and you want to face your pain and admit to yourself and to God that you are no longer wanting to live the way your living and you need help . . .then you're ready for this week at The Landing. 

This week at The Landing we will speak more on the topic Powerless. Until we come to a realization that we are not the "all powerful one" and admit that we have no ability to control our tendency to do the wrong thing, we continue to fall into the vicious cycle of misery and meaninglessness. This is what it means to acknowledge that we are "powerless." It does not mean we don't make choices, or cannot do the right thing sometimes.. It means that in the grand scheme of things will cannot maintain the life that God intended for us without realizing we completely need Him every step of the way.

Matthew 5:3- "Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor."

The human is made up of three components, spirit, mind, and body. When we are spiritually in tune, our mind and body also become tuned in as well. Jesus knew that we needed to realize that we are spiritually poor before we can truly be happy. That's because when we really come out of denial and realize this, we can then begin moving towards spiritual fulfillment in Christ.

There are so many components to why admitting powerlessness is necessary in our walk of recovery and destiny in Christ. This Thursday at The Landing we will be diving deep into embracing our powerlessness as a pathway to receiving the power of Christ. As we gain this wisdom from God's Word lives are going to be changed and hearts transformed as we kneel down and surrender to our Great Healer Jesus Christ!

Written By: Pastor Kyle

Semester #10 2015

Every Thursday Night
Please note that we will not meet on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
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