Monday, January 25, 2016

Are You a Stray Cat?

Everyday is a remorseless cycle. I wake up and go through my daily routines and then I get home and go to bed. But nothing ever changes and I feel empty inside most of the time. Deep down, I know that in order to fill this void I need to change something in my life. Why is it that every time I try and do something that’s better for me, it seems to backfire and I end up exactly where I started? I’m starting to think that maybe I just can’t change, no matter how hard I try...  
Does this sound familiar to you ?

I felt like this for a very long time, like I couldn’t change my life around because I tried so many times, yet failed to succeed. I’d go to a retreat or camp and would be so on fire for Christ, but when I returned home to my friends, peers at school, and family members, I would begin to fall back into my old habits. I began to feel hopeless for change. After a while though, I became very interested in why it is that  we go back to the things we know are destroying us instead of just stopping them and giving them over to God.
Bad habits are like stray cats. If you keep feeding them, then they will continue to come back and depend on you for their source of food. When a bad habit is created and fed daily, it also will come back to you and could potentially become an addiction. Once an addiction is formed, it is very hard leave behind. These habits could be extremely harmful for us, yet we continue in them as if they are not hurting us at all, but really, we know they are. So why do we do this?

It is simple. Take a look at the foods you see in grocery stores. The food that is unhealthy for you often cost less than the foods that are good for you. Most people, especially people who have children or family members in their household that they need to feed, are always trying to find a way to save money. So, they often end up buying the unhealthy food because it is more cost-effective for them and their household. If they bought the healthy food, they would have less money and they would have to change how the way they eat and live. We know the food isn’t great for our bodies, yet we eat it because it’s cheaper and easier to get to get a hold of. It’s the same concept with our decisions, we know what’s right(what’s good for us) from wrong(what’s bad for us), yet many of us continue to choose the thing that is destroying us because it’s just easier and you don’t have to change your lifestyle or who you are.

If you’re interested in learning more on the hurts habits and hang-ups in your life then we invite you out Thursday nights to The Landing. We will continue to talk about how to have healthier changes in your life.

Written By: A Student at The Landing

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