Monday, March 14, 2016

Life Hurts, God Heals

How often do you find yourself depressed, angry, alone, lying or maybe you just find yourself lacking the drive to do things? Is there something holding you back? Do you ever find that things in life just aren't going the way you want them to go? 

How do you handle that moment when you blow up on someone for something they didn't do? How do you handle that moment when you find yourself depressed and staying home alone sleeping all the time? What do you do in these situations? Well, The Landing is a safe place for you to come to when you are feeling that there is no where else to turn.

This week in The Landing we will be focusing on our past. This Thursdays lesson is titled "Inventory." We will be taking a deeper look into what things are holding us back from being the healthiest that we can be emotionally, spiritually, in our relationships with others and all around a healthy life.

The Landing is a Christ centered recovery group for teens in middle school and high school. We have leaders who are available to sponsor each student, each sponsor is available to lend an ear for the student to have a place to talk about the hurts, habits and hang-ups that they are facing in their lives. The sponsor also is available to walk the student through an 8 principle step program that will guide the student to learn Christ centered recovery for their life. Tonight we are looking into principle #4

Tonight we will focus on Principle #4

#4- Openly examine and confess my faults to myself, to God and to someone I trust.

Who can come to The Landing?

Any teenager dealing with difficult life issues such as (but not limited to); Substance Abuse, Anger and rage, Depression, Cutting, Video Game Addiction, Broken Home Issues, Self-worth Issues, suicidal tendencies, food addictions, or any other issues that directly effects the holistic health of young lives.

Who Facilitates The Landing?

Through application, interview, and background checks we select adults who have experienced true and authentic healing from the hurts of life. Males work with males and females with females. The staff come from a variety of different backgrounds that make us pretty well rounded. We take our commitment to your teenager very seriously and keep ourselves trained on new and arising issues and how to engage such issues. You can check out our stories on the Staff Tab.

If your teenager is dealing with difficulties in life, suggest The Landings to them. We do not promise a quick fix, but we do promise loving, caring adults that will walk alongside your teenager with biblical and recovery perspectives through the difficulties in life. Not to mention, The Landing is completely and totally FREE! Our payment is seeing students rise above all life throws at them!

Semester #10 2015

Every Thursday Night
Dinner (Free) 6pm
Meeting Starts Promptly 7:00pm
Located At:
Freedom Church
455 58th Ave. S.W. 

Vero Beach, FL 32968

For more info contact:

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