Emily's Testimony

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Di's Testimony

I'm 16 years old and I struggle with trust problems, anger, lying, family problems, drinking, and at one point self harm. Around eight months ago, my life started to turn upside down. My parents had started to fight a lot more because they were separating and I spent a lot of my time fighting with my dad. I spend a lot of my time out of the house at any cost. I didn’t wanna be home to fight with my dad. That wasn’t the hardest part for me to deal with, I was so use to fighting with my dad that I didn’t know how to not fight with him. The thing that really caused me to give up on everything was when me and my boyfriend broke up. I dated him for a year and a half, he was my best friend in every way possible. I told him everything and us breaking up caused me to give up on life and on god. I started drinking to hide from the pain and started hurting myself. I pretty much gave up on life and ran away from everything. All my problems, I ran from and did everything I could to escape. I even tried to kill myself because I didn’t wanna deal with  it anymore. I was making stupid choices and they got worse everyday. I was challenging god, seeing how far I could push my luck before god decided I had pushed enough. I was lying, stealing, sneaking out, drinking, I was getting more and more stupid. I never touched drugs, didn’t even try them. I was riding in cars with boys, staying out at all hours of the night, drinking till I couldn’t feel, and when drinking didn’t work, I started hurting myself. It got to the point that I had given up on god and I had started to stop believing in him. Then  one day my friend invited me to go to church with him, I decided what the hell? I haven’t been in a while, maybe it’ll be different now. I started going to the church but I was still making bad choices, drinking, hurting myself, lying. I was going down the wrong path. Then one night on the way home from church, me and my friend were almost killed. It had been raining hard and the dirt road was wet, he lost control of the car and it slide six feet, four feet were right along the bank of the ditch, only an inch or so from the edge. If the car would have be going any faster, we would have flipped into the ditch and the chances of surviving were slime. A convertible, it would have killed us on impact. Me and him saw that as a serious wake up call. God could have killed us that night but he choose to give us the message either straighten up or next time you might not get so lucky. Well I was still making bad choice, still drinking and hurting myself, but I wasn’t as stupid about what I did. Well a few weeks after the accident, my friend invited me to go to Life Hurts, God Heals. Sense I have been going it has helped a lot in my life. I no longer drink and I have stopped completely. I don’t even think about hurting myself anymore to escape. I have started to learn how to put some trust in people and to talk to people about my problems. I no longer do stupid things and I have started to trust in god again. I have stopped fighting with my dad and I have even learned to control my anger better. I've learned that even when I had given up, god was still there for me. I have also learned that forgiving is not forgetting, it is letting god know you can forgive people for what they have done, just like he forgave you. I have only been going a few weeks but I have learned a lot in the last few weeks. Before I started going, I didn’t expect to make it to eighteen. I have now realized I was being stupid and need to grow up and be my age. I still have a lot to learn but Life Hurts, God Heals has helped me in a lot.

Kurstin's Testimony

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