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Life Hurts God Heals Bundle - Physical
Life Hurts God Heals Bundle - PhysicalThe Life Hurts God Heals Bundle includes everything you need to start a healthy Life Hurts God Heals ministry! Life Hurts God Heals Life Hurts God Heals is a completely comprehensive resource you can use to launch and run a ministry specifically to bring healing to these students. It includes all the curriculum you will need for leaders and participants, as well as all the behind the scenes stuff to help with everything from recognizing danger signs in teens to how to get this program up and running in your church. Included are: 16 practical resources on starting a Life Hurts God Heals ministry DVD with student testimonies about the Life Hurts God Heals program Leader Guides in PDF and Word formats Student Workbooks (13 lessons) in PDF and Word formats Eight 30-minute sermons by Doug Fields in MP3 format Teaching transcripts of each sermon Student devotionals and journals Follow-up support group study Promotional materials, including sample parent letters, brochures, calendars, and more Administrative materials, including welcome signs, consent forms, graduation certificates, and more Every element of this resource with the exception of the student testimonies is completely open for you to reproduce and edit for use in your ministry. We want you to be completely empowered and as effective as possible as you reach out to your students in need. Life Hurts God Heals Leader's Video Training Kit Packed inside this DVD is a comprehensive training program on how to implement Life Hurts God Heals within your ministry. With over two hours of video training from Megan Hutchinson (Life Hurts God Heals champion), you'll learn how to start your program, support your participants, and work with leaders. Also included is a PowerPoint presentation to help you teach this same material to leaders in your group along with a bunch of reproducible handouts and forms. From day one to long-term health--it's all in here. Grab a copy and get started on your Life Hurts God Heals ministry today! 3 Sessions by Megan Hutchinson: Life Hurts God Heals Training Introduction (13 min) Understanding Students in the Trenches (65 min) Leadership and Legalities

 Secret Survivors 
Secret Survivors - PhysicalEveryone has secrets. Some you might whisper into a friend s ear, while others may stay locked inside you for years... maybe even forever. It's those secrets that you tuck away that eventually control you. You may think you're okay, but really, your secrets can be tearing you apart from the inside out. Secret Survivors tells the compelling, true stories of people who have lived through painful secrets - things that they kept to themselves until they could no longer bear the pain alone. As you read their stories, you'll be drawn into their journeys towards healing, and you'll understand why it's so important to share your secret with someone else in order to start your own healing process. Read the stories of people, who as teens and young adults, dealt with issues like: Date rape Physical abuse Cutting Pornography addiction Eating disorders Incest Drug and alcohol addiction Abortion You may find a story that sounds similar to your own secret pain, or you may learn more about secrets that a friend or family member is dealing with. Whether your own story is represented in these pages or not, you'll feel a connection to the people in these stories, because we all have some kind of pain tucked away. But you don't have to feel alone in your pain anymore. After you read the stories of these survivors, you'll find the strength you need to share your own secret and start healing your heart and soul. Jen Howver has worked with students for more than 10 years and has helped plan, promote, and run student conferences nationwide. She volunteers with the youth ministry in her local church and is proud to be a secret survivor. When she's not writing or hanging out with students, Jen can be found singing and dancing with her husband, Jay, and their daughters, Noelle and Chloe. Megan Hutchinson is a veteran youth worker who serves as a student minister at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. She's a secret survivor who also coauthored Life Hurts God Heals, an 8-step recovery program for students with unresolved pain and addiction. In her spare time, Megan and her husband, Adam, can be found at the beach, making sandcastles or surfing with their two boys, Jack and Parker.

My Changes 
My Changes - PhysicalEverything in a middle schooler's world seems to be changingn body, emotions, brains, faith. They're even noticing more of a difference between the way guys and girls are wired up. With quick, funny, and easy-to-read stories, explanations, and advice, middle school ministry veterans Mark Oestreicher and Scott Rubin will help young teens understand who they are and who they're becomingnand how to survive all those changes. In My Changes , you'll discover the reasons behind a lot of your changes, and get tips on how to survive all of them. You'll find valuable insights on changes happening in your body, your brain and thoughts, your identity, your emotions, your gender, and more. After reading the books in the Middle School Survival Series, you'll be ready to take on the rest of middle school with the confidence and knowledge you need to survive (and thrive) as a young teen.

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