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Amanda grew up in Southern California with her mom, dad and three sisters. She was raised to love Jesus and go to church. Amanda accepted Christ into her heart when she was in Kindergarten and didn't come into a close relationship of truly knowing Jesus until she was 21. Amanda was a dedicated church goer and served on many missions teams and youth groups as a child. Throughout high school Amanda had many struggles such as anger, fights with her mom, smoking, occasional drinking, and hating herself and her family. After high school and a long term relationship break-up she got pregnant. Amanda was 21 and throughout her pregnancy she learned to turn her life around to following and growing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  Amanda and her son moved in with her mom, step-father and youngest sister and soon moved to Tallahassee, FL. After three years of being a single mother she met her husband through church. Amanda and her husband married and had two more boys and recently moved here to Vero Beach in February 2013. Amanda has been a leader with The Landings since September 2013 and has a heart and passion to share Jesus as the solution to life's hurts, habits and hang-ups.
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Pastor Roger
Pastor Roger grew up in southern West Virginia in a much quieter and simpler time than we experience today. He accepted the Lord and was baptized when he was 5. Despite an almost Ozzie & Harriet upbringing, as a teen he was beginning to see a disconnect between all of the great people in the Bible that he had been taught about, and his own life, which was becoming less and less “perfect.” Or so it seemed. Despite the fact that during his high school years he was a Student Leader and at age 15 believed that God was calling him into the ministry, after graduation he slowly began a journey of unbelief and doubt, which was aided by not going to church very often. The journey came to a screeching halt in 1982 when he received a call that his father had passed away of a massive heart attack while going up the steps of church on a Sunday morning. Through a rough time of grief and anger toward God he found that in the midst of his mourning was the God of all comfort. Gently God began to renew his first love and passion for God and for people. It was during this time that he discovered that all of those people in the Bible had their share of imperfections as well, but what set them apart was not their imperfections, but their perfect Savior, Jesus. In 1991 after very successful careers in broadcasting and then advertising, marketing and public relations, he remembered God’s call on his life. Within a few months Roger had walked away from the business he owned and was soon serving as youth pastor of this church. His love for students and his passion to help them navigate the stormy waters leading to adulthood remain with him to this day. He brings that love and that passion weekly to The Landing.
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Pastor Kyle
Kyle grew up in Tallahassee Florida with his Mom, Dad, and two brothers. His dad worked as a manager in the restaurant industry and was constantly away from the family. During Kyle's teenage year his Mother and Father began to have deep martial issues which catapulted him into a life of wrong relationships, drug use, drug dealing, and sexual sin. For nearly four years Kyle continued this lifestyle until God miraculously delivered him.  After rededicating his life to Christ in late 2007 Kyle received a full scholarship to attend Covenant Bible College & Seminary. 

Since that time Kyle has received his ordination into ministry, and his Master's degree in theology. He teaches local Bible college classes, serves as an assistant pastor at Freedom Church Vero Beach, and enjoys serving as a sponsor to help guide and mentor the youth in Indian River County. Kyle has been a leader with The Landings since September 2014 and has a a passion for helping young people who are struggling with the same things that he once struggled with in his teenage years.

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Allison Young came from a broken home. At age three her parents got divorced and she was left in a constant tug of war and constant division. While being a well-rounded student and a hardworking athlete Allison faced many challenges at home from mental and physical abuse and bulimia. In her efforts to pleasing others Allison would have done anything to be approved and accepted by others. Allison always believed in God and loved God, but did not have a true relationship with Jesus Christ until she watched her aunt die and then come back to life. It was in that moment that Allison knew her life had to change and Jesus Christ was the only one who could do it! Day by day and moment by moment Allison is allowing God to improve her life and let Him use her and make her life for His glory! 

God now uses Allison’s testimony to share with other troubled teenagers and other people who crave to be accepted. Allison is currently serving on the Worship Team at Freedom Church, a college student striving to be a teacher and youth pastor, and a leader for One Life Ministry. This is all because God healed Allison’s hurts, and God will do the same for you!

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