Principle # 2

#2 Open Your Heart

Earnestly believe that God exists, that I matter to Him, and He has the power to help me recover.

What makes you feel hopeless?
What makes you feel hopeful?

Do you feel like you have messed up so bad that there can be no forgiveness? Have the things you have done made you avoid God all the more because you think He could never love you or accept you? Has your reputation with family and friends been so marred with failure that the thought of honestly facing them has you locked in fear?

Take some time and read the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke chapter 15. We have all messed up and most of us have done it BIG. We allow the shame and guilt to rob us of true and authentic healing that can only come from God Himself. Read the Story... 

Listen, if you did not matter to God you would not be reading this right now. God calls us to open our hearts to Him and let him heal all those wounds from all the messiness of life. Take a moment and pray, then watch this video


God is a Father that wants to relieve our load, He wants to give us rest when we are weary. Step 2 invites us to open our hearts to Him as the healer of all of lives hurts.He is the One with the power and He is the One in which we must place our Hope in.

"Find rest oh my soul, in God alone; My hope comes from Him."
~Psalm 65:5

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